“We are enthusiastic about working with individuals like business owners and designers, and helping translate their vision into a meaningful representation of their brand and its values. Let one of our Senior Designers get your business noticed.”

The Design Process:


Every logo design starts with a point by point consultation with your very own Printefex Agency Designer. This way we can design a logo with your thoughts, style preferences, and industry in mind. After the initial consultation we start a second brainstorming process and get your logo design going by putting our pens down on paper. This is how every logo design is born. We love our computers but the possibilties are limitless with this approach. After we have many concepts we start to weed out the best ones and start the computer graphics process of vectorizing the drawings and finely tuning the logo design. We experiment with typography and end up with 2 of our very best concepts. What’s included in the final design is your full rights and ownership of the design as well as a full color version and a one color logo for simpler applications.